Recon for the Magical Mystery Tour





Drove the route for the “Magical Mystery Tour”. For the detail map CLICK HERE. Very pretty scenery up in the hills along planned route.


Distance – it is 55K from the Tower Hotel on Magill Rd going up Norton across the back of the Hills via Pound Rd and back down Gorge Rd and across Stradbroke Rd to the roundabout on Montacute Rd.


There is approximately 12K of dirt Rd. This starts with Blockers Rd which is about 3K of probably the most difficult part of the ride. It is narrow single lane road with lots of up and down, mostly up though with some bits that are steep though not very long.


After Blockers Rd is Mawson Rd which is still dirt but much better. It is a two lane road that winds around and through forest, vineyards and olive groves. It is still a bit up and down but not as challenging as Blockers.


Croft Rd is the last of the dirt before turning onto Fox Creek Rd which is a sealed road with some very pretty scenery.


Cudlee Creek Rd is next, which will be familar to anyone who has done the Ride Like Crazy, and then it is onto Gorge Rd for the run to home.


There will be some challenging bits on the dirt and it will be slow and steady but there will be some fantastic photo opportunities.


See anyone who wants to tag along at the Tower Hotel at 7:00 am (Sunday 24 April)